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03 - Kate Blazer - Bespoke Cuffs & Colors (Presales Begin in May!)

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Multi-Colored and Multi-Design Cuffs for Women's Blazers Made Sustainably

Be You!  Be Bespoke - express your unique personal tastes by personally choosing the lining inside your blazer's cuffs. Imagine rolling up your cuffs to reveal a one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed multi-colored "stained glass" silk, or a rich red paisley, or fun purple polka dots, or a luxurious blue/green with a subtle peacock feather print (oh-la-la!).  Want to request a specific lining fabric we don't carry? Oh exciting - let's chat!

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Blazer Colors: Navy, Black, Soft White (with solid color linings)

Contrast Linings Only Inside Cuffs (not entire blazer lining): 
     In Stock: Multi-Colored "Stained Glass" Hand Dyed Silk for a one of a kind blazer (limited: available until this unique hand dyed silk runs out). When you order this blazer, we are unable to advise you in advance as to the colors the cuffs will be - or whether even the left cuff and the right cuff will contain the same colors. The silk contains a wide spectrum of colors - often side by side - swirling and blending. 
     Special Order Contrast Linings:  Grey Paisley; Red Paisley; Dark Purple Polka Dots; Red/Turquoise Stripes; Blue/Gold Stripes, Blue-Green Peacock Feathers (more colors/prints offered soon).

Shipping of Special Order Blazers: We sew our blazers to order, and special lining orders ship in approximately ten (10) business days.  We will do our best to expedite your order - but good things come to those who wait!

All our blazers are made fair trade, sustainably, and are close to being 100% biodegradable.  When you purchase one of our blazers, 
you become part of the solution to pollution!
Solid Linings with Contrasting Cuffs

This blazer allows you to be your unique and individualistic self when you choose the color and/or design of the inner cuff's lining. Designed with old world craftsmanship and natural imported fabrics, it is lightweight and breathable. Like all our blazers, it is fair trade, sustainable and as close to 100% biodegradable as we are able to achieve. 

This blazer in white is made from a blend of certified organic cotton and hemp, which is a soft, lightweight breathable fabric.  

Our navy blazer is made from a blend of hemp and lyocell with a subtle linen-like weave. This is also a soft, lightweight breathable fabric which over time will become even softer. 

Our black blazer comes in either the certified organic cotton/hemp blend, or the linen-like hemp/lyocell blend

Natural fabrics wrinkle - but the hemp-lyocell blend which has a linen weave, does not wrinkle the way standard linen wrinkles.

Special features include:
- A pop-up collar to frame your face when you want to go chic;
- A matching cloth belt to change up your silhouette: tie in the front, to the side or in the back - or go without (it's removable);
- An A-line feminine drape to grace your curves (this is not a boxy blazer!);
- Two front slant pockets;
- Front closure with three buttons;
- Two inside breast pockets to stash your ID's, credit cards, passport and airline tickets;
- This version of the Kate Blazer comes with solid color linings through the body and a contrasting lining inside the cuffs, allowing you to individualize your blazer to your tastes.  Imagine rolling up your cuffs to show a unique multi-colored "stain glass" silk, or keep it classic with paisleys or polka-dots.
- Imported fabrics
- Sewn in the U.S.

Free Ground Shipping within the contiguous United States 

Our fabrics and buttons are fair trade, sustainable and biodegradable, allowing you to wear your social and environmental values!

Dry Clean Only: Green dry cleaning of course! Seek out dry cleaners who use wet cleaning and/or carbon dioxide cleaning methods!

Blue/Green Lining with Peacock Feather Design

Blue Cupro Lining Fabric with Peacock Feather Design