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SIZES 0 - 24 (U.S.)

Missy Sizing is a tailored fit. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, you may wish to choose one size up, but first review the missy size chart below to assist in your decision.
Women's Sizing is designed for a comfortable fit. If you want a tighter, more tailored fit, consider purchasing one size smaller, but first review the women's size chart below to assist in your decision.
With our A-Line blazer designs, your bust measurement is the more important measurement.
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Women of the Same Size Can Have Entirely Different Shapes
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Knowing what size to purchase can be stressful. To help you confidently choose the right size, we will be implementing software which uses your cell phone's sensors to take your body's measurements. This software pairs your measurements with our size charts and then recommends a size for your purchase.  And it only takes a couple of minutes.

This sizing software is part of our sustainable business model. By reducing returns based on purchases of the wrong size, we reduce impacting the environment negatively with extra fuel emissions from transportation.
Measuring With a Cloth Measuring Tape
Knowing your measurements is critical to purchasing the best fit. If using a cloth measuring tape, here is how to take the three most important measurements: bust, waist, and hips.

Did you know every brand creates its own size chart? And that even within a single brand, sizing can vary depending upon the style? (good grief!)
This is because each style is created on a chosen model with a specific body type. Yet, not even two models of the same size and body type have the same physical attributes.  (See the dilemma?)

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