December 2019
Mayfair Life Holiday Gift Guide - Women's Blazers Made Sustainably
July 2019

Read the editorial on Connecticut Country Clothing in Mayfair Life  

Excerpt"...years of working in corporate offices in cities from NYC to DC to LA, taught her that conservative dressing made being taken seriously more likely, a challenge faced by any woman no matter her education or experience."

Editorial of Connecticut Country Clothing in U.K. Magazine Mayfair

June 2019
House of Coco publication - Interview of Janice Trayes of Connecticut Country Clothing

House of Coco:  Read the interview of our fearless leader, CEO and founder, Janice Trayes, in the series: Worldwide Women.

 Excerpts:  "Our number one sustainability goal is for our blazers to be as close to 100% biodegradable as we can possible get them. If our garments’ fibers are going to make their way to the ocean, then let them be edible! Synthetic microfibers are now found nearly everywhere – even at the bottom of deep ocean ravines. We are passionately opposed to this."

"We incorporated many design objectives (such as a pop-up collar and inside breast pockets), but above all else, an exceptional, comfortable fit for a variety of body types, with a truly transitional day to night design were critical. I had owned two blazers which I could wear anywhere and not look like I was heading into a meeting (although they were perfectly appropriate for the office). I wore these blazers until the linings disintegrated. A search to replace them ended in frustration, and culminated with the launching of Connecticut Country Clothing"

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