Presentations and Research on Sustainable Fashion by Miss Porter's School's 9th Grade Class - (c) 2020

We're excited to share presentations on sustainability in fashion prepared by students at Mis Porter's School in Connecticut, students who participated in a sustainable fashion module. 

Connecticut Country Clothing posed questions to the students (found here: What is Sustainable Fashion) and the students responded by researching issues and making presentations (presentation slides below).

If your quest is to learn more on sustainability in fashion, we recommend reviewing the student's slides which contain extensive research references. We learned some new things - and you might too!

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Fashion & Sustainability Presentation - Miss Porter's School (c) 2020

Luxury Fashion and Sustainability Presentation by Miss Porter's School (c) 2020
Working Conditions - Presentation and Research by Miss Porter's School - (c) 2020

Organic Cotton vs Regular Cotton - Presentation and Research by Miss Porter's School - (c) 2020