What could be more perfect than a versatile blazer
you can wear for years - even through a pregnancy.

Our blazers are designed to fit women of various body types, shapes and weights. Busty women told us that if a blazer fit them in their bust, then they likely didn't fit anywhere else - so we addressed this! Our signature style is designed with a slight A-line and a flared hem to complement a woman's shape. We placed our six month pregnant model shown here in a blazer one size up from her normal size - and it was perfect.  Once the baby is born, all she needs do is tie the accompanying belt around her waist for a closer fit.

Oversized blazers are trending and a smart choice for before, during and after your pregnancy, not only for a comfortable fit but for privacy when breastfeeding. 

Being pregnant is a good time to be wearing clothing made with pesticide free fabrics which are eco-dyed!  Your body absorbs what goes next to your skin which we assume means baby absorbs it too!

Our wrap blazers are made with extra fabric in the front panels for effectively wrapping closed, but in addition - they are great when there's a baby on board and later when breastfeeding. 

Our signature styles (seen below) are designed with a slight A-line and a flared hem.
Wearing a blazer a size up from your normal size may work for you,
as it does for our model below who is six months pregnant.

Sustainable Blazers Which Are Perfect When You're Pregnant
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