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MySizeID - How To Use the MySizeID App

MySizeID is an app to help take the guess work out of knowing what size you are, and what size you should purchase. Yay!  The app's software is linked to our size charts.  When you log into the app on our website after downloading it on your phone - it will make a size recommendation for you. 

Since all brands have their own size charts, this tool is invaluable.  It is our goal to reduce waste and have a sustainable business model. By receiving a garment which fits, you don't have the headache of packing and returning it - and there will be less fuel emissions from the extra transport required for returns.  No one likes returns - not you - not us - not the environment.

The app uses the sensors on your cell phone to take your body measurements (takes just a couple of minutes).  Once all measurements are taken, just return to the web page of the product you wish to purchase, and a pop-up appears for SizeID.  Open that and log in with the same credentials you entered when signing into the app.  Next there will be a pop-up on the web page which will recommend what size blazer is the best match for you. With that said, only you know your body and how you like things to fit, so be sure to review our size charts and it's always good to know your measurements by using a cloth tape measurer.

1) This app may not work with some phone models.
2) If you normally wear one size for tops and another for bottoms, then the app may be unable to suggest a size.  In which case, please check our size charts for direction.

How to Use MySizeID

1)  Download the app to your cell phone.

2)  Sign up and remember your log-in credentials; you will need them when you return to the product's web page.

3)  Follow the instructions provided on the app for taking your measurements. They have handy little video tutorials. 

4)  Once your measurement profile is completed, you can either click on our logo within the app to shop on your phone, or you can return to the product on our website. On the website you'll see the orange pop-up "What's MYSIZE" (seen below).

5) When you click on the "What's MYSIZE" pop-up, another pop-up will appear (see below).  At the bottom of that are options for logging in, such as FB or email.  Log in using the same credentials you signed up with, and then the magic happens!  The app will pair your measurements with our size charts - and recommend which size blazer will best fit you. 

Should the app indicate that a size isn't found, then just review our size charts to determine the best size for you.  Keep in mind that every person has a unique shape and no one knows your body like you do!