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Giving Back

While adhering to socio and environmental principles to provide an ethically made product with low environmental impact may seem sufficient in doing our part in improving the world, we also like to support organizations whose values align with our own.

Corporate Sponsorships

We are corporate sponsors of Transcend Discipline, a groundbreaking alliance of award-winning practitioners inspiring a brave rethink of international conservation and development practice.

We also have been sponsors of the Surfrider Foundation's annual benefit event for clean water and healthy beaches.  Clean water, whether inland or coastal, is near and dear to us at Connecticut Country Clothing, and is our motivation for having a minimum impact on the environment, and motivation for designing with biodegradable textiles as best we can. Connecticut has 618 miles (with beaches) on Long Island Sound - a really rather polluted body of water.  If anyone understands living along a highly polluted body of water, it's coastal Connecticut! 

Surfrider Foundation's 2017 Annual Bi-Coastal Fundraiser

Should you happen to live in Connecticut, please check out the CT Surfrider Chapter and their events, such as beach clean ups and paddle boarding races!!  On a personal note, our founder was born in Milford, CT.  See the connection?