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Outer Fabrics: We feel terrific about our supplier for organic cotton, hemp, and silk blended fabrics. They are a family run/woman-owned business that pioneered hemp for modern fabric use. They personally manage each of their suppliers across the globe and provide jobs, infrastructure, and support to those local communities.  Each of their products must pass a Sustainable Biodegradable Products Certification (SBP®). This certification ensures that each step during the textiles' production, from the raw materials used to the labor conditions involved, maintains earth-friendly, ethical and fair trade practices.  Our fabric supplier also has the following certifications: Green America (certified business); GreenPeople; USDA Certified 100% Biobased Product.

Lining Fabric - Cupro: Primarily we use the silky fabric Cupro for our linings. Cupro is made from cotton linter, the short, downy fiber that enfolds cotton seeds and which is left behind in the making of cotton fabrics.  These downy fibers create a silk like fabric which is more breathable than silk (and less expensive). Cupro recently was declared by independent labs to be 100% biodegradable.


Cupro is created in a closed loop manufacturing system - meaning, the waste is contained and not disposed of into the environment.  We use several sources for our Cupro fabrics, and our primary manufacturers have received at least the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (textiles tested for harmful substances), along with other certifications. The organizations which award these certificates test for substances scientifically accepted to be harmful to human health, and the certificates are awarded to those manufacturers who put human health first. 

Another feel good business is our button supplier, a small family business going back several generations.  Our buttons are made from corozo, or tagua, which is a seed from a palm tree, and which needs to be gathered, dried, peeled and cut. Our manufacturer provides over one thousand full time and part time low-skill labor jobs in depressed and impoverished communities, jobs which help those communities to prosper and grow economically while increasing their quality of life.

Once the seeds are prepared, they are shipped to the manufacturing plant which introduces an entirely different spectrum of occupations for that community.  Here the manufacturer provides the necessary training in the skill sets needed. The manufacturing process requires specialized jobs and professionals, to use the equipment, from mechanical turns to delicate, computer-controlled laser engraving machines (our buttons are engraved with our company name). The plant trains and employs around 100 workers, and provides not only career opportunities to young professionals, but brings an infusion of technology to the local community. The button plant trains their workers on this technology which in turn increases their skill set, enabling them to leverage this knowledge for future advancement - whether with the plant or within another industry. 

Buttons Made From Corozo

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