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Connecticut Country Clothing was born from one woman's frustration in finding high-quality business dress casual blazers which fit well and provided a classy yet comfortable style, a style dressy enough for work, chic enough for the evening yet comfy enough for the weekend - a truly transitional blazer.  Finding a stylish long blazer (not one that cut directly across the bum or was shaped like a box) was difficult - so she decided to design her own. 

After decades of working in the corporate world and living in cities such as NYC, DC and LA, she had a strong sense of what a business dress casual blazer should be - and for certain - it needed to be stylish, functional and versatile - it needed to transition from day to night. And it needed to transition from the work week to the weekend - from professional life to personal life.

Our aesthetic is born from the blending of city style with country comfort.  Our designer grew up in the Connecticut River Valley and years later when living in NYC, would commute on weekends to CT to visit family. Having a wardrobe which transitioned from the city to the country was valuable. It is the blending of urban with rural which is at the heart of our designs.

Polished but Not Fussy

We draw inspiration from Kate Hepburn, who resided in a small Connecticut town, and who embodied feminine strength, who had a style uniquely her own, yet one that fit the local environs - polished, but not fussy. To be familiar with Kate's aesthetic is to understand ours.

We're All About the Curves

We begin by designing on a full figure woman to ensure fit and style. Most designers begin on a size 6 and then grade for other sizes.  We do the opposite. Women of all sizes have curves, and we want women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin.  

"It's Not Easy Being Green" ~ Kermit

We are an environmentally conscious company using fabrics from natural fibers which are ethically sourced (fair trade), sustainable or organic, and dyed with low-impact dyes (which use less water). We researched hundreds of blazers and learned that there was barely a handful made ethically and sustainably. We found a gaping hole in the fashion market.  Sustainability means different things to different companies. Our primary sustainability goal is for our garments to be as close to 100% biodegradable as possible.  For more info, please see our page entitled "What is Sustainable Fashion?"

 Why Oak Leaves

Through various cultures, oak leaves have represented stability, endurance, humble beginnings, independence, patience and strength. We honor feminine strength and endurance by using oak leaves as our brand's symbol and to represent our commitment to the environment.

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